types of Marine Surveys


We are an experienced Marine Surveyors group working for yachts &  small craft buyers and owners, Flag Administrations, Classification Societies and Marine Insurance Companies.

Yacht & Small Craft  Professional Marine Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey


  • This is self-explanatory, a comprehensive survey commissioned by a potential buyer prior to purchase.
  • Our technical report will also be used by any finance house involved and the client's insurance company when he comes to insure the vessel after purchase.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine  Surveys

Insurance Survey


  • This is a survey commissioned by the owner of a vessel when his insurer has requested a survey prior to renewing an existing policy.
  • Typically these are required when the vessel is 20 years old and every 5 years thereafter, although criteria vary.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine Surveys

Damage Survey


  • This is a survey commissioned by an insurance company when a vessel they insure has suffered loss or damage.
  • Criteria required by the insurers will vary from case to case but there will usually be an additional investigative element.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine Surveys

Code of Practice  Survey


  • This is an inspection to determine whether a vessel complies with various mandatory Flag Administrations Codes of Practice.
  • This will typically be commissioned by the vessel's Owner or Agent where the vessel is being used commercially for charter etc.
  • We are Surveyors with suitable experience for the work.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine  Surveys

Boat Safety Scheme Inspection


This is similar to the above insofar as it checks the vessel against a given set of standards but is undertaken by approved Boat Safety Scheme Surveyors.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional  Marine Surveys

Acceptance Surveys


This is a comprehensive inspection of a new vessel carried out on behalf of her eventual Owner and usually involves sea trials.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine Surveys

Tonnage Survey


This is not a survey as such but a simple calculation based on a few measurements and is a requirement for  Registration by various Flag Administrations.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional  Marine  Surveys



  • Again this is not a survey but a brief limited inspection based on strictly defines assumptions to provide a Value.
  • This is usually Market value but other valuations are sometimes specified ie for a  "distress sale· where an immediate sale is required.