Yachts & Small Craft Professional Marine Services


We provide a vast variety of marine services for all types of yachts and small craft.

Yacht & Small Craft  Professional Marine Services

Osmosis/Moisture Analysis Survey


We use a 'Tramex Skipper Plus' for all its moisture measurements. The Tramex Skipper Plus non-destructive moisture meter provides a complete, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP and wooden boats.


In case of osmosis is identified, this will be inspected further to determine what exactly is the cause and where the problem originates from in the laminate. The anti-fouling layer will have to be removed in several areas to determine the state of the gel coating.


Besides, an osmosis inspection will always include a measurement of the amount of moisture in the laminate. If the laminate is moist, the ship has a high risk of developing real osmosis (blisters) shortly. At the same time, a moist laminate does not necessarily have to lead to osmosis blisters (several other factors play a role).


During an osmosis inspection, we also assess the entire underwater hull. For example, we will inspect the underwater hull to determine if the laminate is still attached securely



Yacht & Small Craft  Professional Marine Services

Galvanic Corrosion Testing


Our surveyors perform galvanic corrosion potential surveys to assess, diagnose and troubleshoot galvanic and stray current problems on a boat, yacht or dock.


The corrosion protection system on your boat should be checked at regular intervals. Our surveyors perform galvanic corrosion potential surveys to assess, diagnose and troubleshoot galvanic and stray current problems on a boat, yacht or dock.

Failure to do so can lead to a costly and time-consuming repair.



Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine Services

UT Measurements/Clearances


Our surveyors conduct UTM of Steel or Aluminium yachts. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) is used to measure the thickness of steel, aluminium and other materials where only one side of the material is accessible to the surveyor. Typically the measurements are taken of the hull structure in order to determine when the material is excessively corroded. Therefore it has lost significant thickness when compared to the original thickness and steelwork.


In addition, we take clearances in:

  • rudderstock and tail shaft bushes,
  • anchors and chains,
  • bow thrusters.

Yacht & Small Craft  Professional Marine Services

Thermal Imaging/Magnifiers


Our Surveyors use thermal imaging to analyze the seaworthiness of watercraft or to see alterations that would have otherwise remained unseen.


We will identify potentially hazardous problems whilst the watercraft is still berthed or in the navigation to find anomalies, which indicates that something deviates from what is normal or expected (hull, machinery, electrical, accommodation spaces, etc).


We use magnifiers (professional endoscopes,   magnification endoscopes) in our small craft surveys.



Yacht & Small Craft Professionla Marine Services

Electrical Systems Surveys


We carry stock of general electrical accessories ensuring your job stays in motion - not stalled while parts arrive in small crafts.


Types of Work:

  • Consult and identify where existing systems need attention.

  • Battery testing and replacement.

  • Wire gauge sizes

  • Wire insulation rated correctly.

  • Megger testing of motors and cables to satisfy Class.

  • Generator shutdown testing for Class

  • Generator load and reverse power.

  • Megger test using marine electricians specialists.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional  Marine Services

Rigging Surveys



The Rig Inspection is recommended before you carry out any period of extended cruising or when your Yacht’s Rigging Wires (standing rigging) are more than a few years old.

Some Insurance Companies will require that you replace your rigging wires every ten years, other Insurance companies will only continue to insure you if you have a Rig Survey.


​There are basically two methods of surveying the rig:

  • with the mast stepped (standing); or
  • un-stepped (lowered)


The Rig Survey includes an inspection of the following:

  • Mast(s), including close up examination of mast base, bolts, shrouds, cap and tangs.
  • Boom(s) and fittings.
  • Rigging wires (standing rigging)
  • Rigging terminals.
  • Turnbuckles (rigging screws) wire locking and split pin.
  • Chainplates.
  • NDT inspections by ultrasonic.


We collaborate with the leading rigging company  ZAS Sailing. This company is owned by professional sailors providing professional and reliable rigging services in Valencia and The Balearics areas.


Yacht & Small Craft  Professional Marine Services

Keel, Keel-Bolt and Keel Structure & fastenings Checks


VALENCIA Marine Services SLU  performs keel inspection in sailboats with/without dismantling.


In our visual inspection, we confirm the condition of: 

  • keel;
  • keel supporting structure;
  • stressed areas;
  • corrosion,
  • keel-bolts and nuts or anchorages;
  • water tightness, etc.


The purpose of NDT is to confirm that keel bolts are not broken or cracked. We only use professional NDT level II operators for ultrasonic tests. We only use professional NDT level II operators.


Yacht & Small Craft  Professional Marine Services

Engineering & Consultancy 


We provide High professional Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Consultancy Services:

  • Naval conceptual designs.

  • Naval architecture studies.

  • New buildings supervision:

  • Refit and transformation projects.

  • Flag registration projects.

  • Load lines assignments.

  • Tonnage measurements:

  • Electric propulsion conversions:

  • Marinas design:

  • Racing sailboats hydrodynamics optimization.

  • Maintenance Technical Management. 

  • Expert Witness and arbitration or dispute.

Yacht & Small Craft Professional Marine Services

Barcol Hardness & Sound Tests


Many of the problems associated with gel-coated fibreglass laminates can be traced back to under cured gel coat.


Our Company uses a Barcol impressor  convenient for testing hardness of:

  • aluminium;
  • aluminium alloys;
  • copper;
  • brass; and
  • other materials including plastics and fibreglass.


Relevant Standards: ASTM B648-10 (2015) , ASTM D2583-13,  GB/T 3854-2005.